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Quality tumps all and at Divya Extrusion we ensure that products are nothing but the finest

Our company’s motto is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the best quality products. We are a new generation plastic films manufacturing company located in Mehsana, Gujarat (India). Our management comprises of leading industry experts determined to capture the Indian plastic films market and expand globally. We produce international quality products and aim to create a strong position in the market for ourselves.

Our major products include stretch films, surface protection films and shrink wraps. Our shrink films are manufactured of the best quality materials, have a wide range of applications and are a perfect solution for your every packaging need.

Divya Extrusion reliable protective films
High quality protection wrap by Divya Extrusion
Packaging films (wraps) manufacturer Divya Extrusion

Our plastic wraps can be used for packaging multiple products such as beverages, bottled water, food and canned products and pharmaceutical goods. Its wide variety of applications makes it useful in several industries and makes it a much better option as opposed to corrugated packaging materials. It even becomes easier to determine if the product is tampered with when our shrink wrap is used for its packaging.

We manufacture and wholesale a large variety of products such as carpet protection films, floor protection films, screen guard protection films, silage films, bottle packaging wrap, LPDE shrink film, pallet shrink film, food storage shrink films, shrink sleeves, agriculture mulching film, etc.

We currently supply to a large number of clients based in India, all of whom concur with our exceptional quality standards and our customer base is expanding phenomenally. Not only do we produce exceptional quality products but we also aim to provide the most economical and feasible solution to you. We take great measures to ensure timely delivery of your products by sourcing materials from a reliable vendor base.

Our film is available in various sizes and thickness and provides a number of solutions to your packaging problems. It’s easy to use and reduces time consumed in packaging, it keeps the product away from dust and moisture thereby reducing chances of damage to the product and is long lasting!

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