Agriculture Mulching Films are extensively used to promote healthy growth of a wide variety of crops, including fruits and vegetables. The film acts as a protective layer on the soil and also works toward improving its quality by retaining necessary heat and moisture.

  • The plastic mulch used in these films improves the quality of yield by manipulating light, temperature and moisture for the soil.
  • It helps in containing soil erosion and maintains the right warmth of soil for optimum crop growth.
  • Plastic mulch goes a long way in protecting crops from onslaught of pests and insects.
Agriculture mulching films by Divya Extrusion

Mulching Film

Divya Extrusion is a leading manufacturer and supplier of agriculture mulching films in India. Manufactured in Gujarat, these moisture resistant, leak proof mulch films are distributed to clients across the country. Our agriculture mulching films are known for their flexible design, eco-friendly materials, clarity, flatness and high tensile strength.





Any (as per your requirement)

Standard: Silver+Black, Black only, Red+Black, White+Black, Natural

600 mm to 1800 mm

15 Microns – One season crop

25 to 30 Microns – Two to three season crop

50 Microns – Orchards

  • Available in flexible designs, and can thus, be used on different types of soil surfaces
  • Highly tear resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Ability to manipulate sunlight, heat and moisture for improved yield
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Available in different colors that can help in manipulating heat retention properties of the soil
  • Made from high quality plastic
  • Creates a protective cover over on the soil
  • The product can be used to increase or decrease heat retention depending on its color.
  • Helps in promoting faster crop development
  • It also helps in reducing loss to soil water, which leads to a decrease in irrigation frequency
  • Gives cleaner yield as no soil comes in direct contact with the harvest
  • Helps in minimizing growth of weeds by blocking out light needed for photosynthesis
  • Leads of optimal utilization of fertilizers

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