Shrink wrap is a type of protective film wrap made from a polymer plastic film. The application of shrink wrap requires use of heat that causes it to shrink tightly over the surface it is covering, thereby offering added protection.

A shrink wrap can be mono-directional or bi-directional, depending on how it shrinks when exposed to heat through a handheld gun or a heat tunnel. We use the best raw materials, state-of-the-machinery and world class manufacturing techniques to create some of the most durable and economical shrink wraps in the plastic films market.

Divya Extrusion's shrink films (wraps) for packaging needs

Shrink Film

DivyaExtrusion provides high quality shrink wrap films for a wide range of products at cost-effective prices. By consistently offering the most superior and advanced shrink wrap packaging solutions, we have emerged as leading manufacturers and suppliers of these films in India.





Any (as per your requirement)

Transparent and Coloured

Upto 1450 mm

20 to 150 Microns

  • Making products tamper proof
  • Resistance against tears and punctures
  • Greater stability and toughness
  • High shrinkage that offers sealing consistency and holding force
  • High strength material provides tough transpiration
  • Cost-effective as compared to other corrugated packaging materials
  • Reduced packaging costs by up to 75 percent
  • Environment-friendly, as less material is required for packaging
  • Low cost of procurement, storage, and shipment

Shrink wrap films are most popularly used for packaging:

  • Beverage glasses, cans, and plastic bottles
  • Bottled water
  • Automotive spare parts
  • Industrial parts
  • Cement, soil and chemicals
  • Medicines, medical equipment
  • Health and cosmetic products
  • Canned and packaged foods
  • Domestic appliances
  • Building materials such as insulation products and tiles

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Bottles Packaging Film

The DivyaExtrusion Bottles Packaging Film has been designed to protect water bottles from any damage during storage and transit. The sturdiness of our packaging material ensures bottles do not sag due to loosening grip. Our bottles packaging films are transparent, safe and cost-effective.

Bottle packaging film (wrap) by Divya Extrusion
High quality LDPE shrink films by Divya Extrusion

LDPE Shrink Film

Our LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Shrink Films are specifically designed for wrapping fragile products such as glass bottles, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, tetra packs, beverages and other consumer durables. We use automatic shrink wrapping machines to create pilfer proof packs to keep your products safe from damage and theft.

Pallet Shrink Film

As the name suggests, Pallet Shrink Films are used for covering pallets of varying sizes and are supplied in rolls, so that they can customized to suit the customers’ requirements. Pallet Shrink Films manufactured by DivyaExtrusion use the latest packaging techniques to protect products from spillages, water, moisture and damages.

Divya Extrusion's pallet shrink films
Reliable shrink bag by Divya Extrusion

Shrink Bag

We offer eco-friendly, durable and high quality shrink bags manufactured from virgin polyethylene granules. We also use strengthening additives to the raw material during the manufacturing process to improve the tear resistance and tensile strength of these shrink bags. These are ideal for packing stationary, single bottles, and industrial equipment like blades.

Food Storage Shrink Film

DivyaExtrusion are the leading suppliers and manufacturers of finest food storage shrink films in the country. Our products are widely used by some of the top players in food products, pharmaceutical, beverage and automobile industries. Our food storage shrink films are marked by good transparency, high shrinkage, clear flow lines and minimal gauge variation.

Food storage shrink film (wrap) by Divya Extrusion
Shrink sleeves by Divya Extrusion

Shrink Sleeves

In keeping with the market demand, we have also ventured into the manufacturing of finest quality shrink sleeves that are becoming increasingly popular owing to their property of taking the exact shape of the material to be packaged. These provide a snug protective layer to different materials without taking up extra space or adding volume.

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