As the name suggests, a surface protection film is widely used to protect different surfaces from scratches and damage during packaging, handling or transit. Also known as a Masking Film, it offers protection without leaving any marks or residue on the surface.

  • Surface Protection films are available in two variants – with adhesive and without adhesive.
  • It is used to protect surfaces of various textures and compositions. Stainless steel sheets, aluminum sheets, color coated sheets, composite panels, PVC and PC surfaces, and decorative laminates, to name a few.
  • The oil and weather resistant properties of these sheets yield optimum protective cover.

Surface Protection Film (Tape)

As quality-drive manufacturers, we offer our clients a wide array of high quality surface protection films. In order to cater to different adhesion needs of different surfaces, DivyaExtrusion deals in a variety of surface protection films, including low adhesion variants for PC sheets, acrylic sheets, polished stainless steel surfaces, brass plates, aluminum and other smooth surfaces.






Any (as per your requirement)

Transparent and Coloured

Upto 1270 mm

40 Microns, 50 Microns


  • Weather and oil resistant
  • Absolute protection against scratches and damages
  • Easy to remove
  • High functionality
  • Can be used on a wide spectrum of surfaces
  • UV stabilized
  • Customized adhesion levels
  • Consistent film thickness
  • The surface protection film by DivyaExtrusion is ideal for making surfaces resistant to wear and tear that is likely during handling, transit and with continued use.
  • Offers protections against scratches, spillages, and dust.
  • Consistent thickness offers optimum protection.
  • Can be peeled off easily without any risk of stubborn residue or marks on the surface.

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Carpet Protection Film

As leading protective film seller in India, we also deal in carpet protection films. DivyaExtrusion’s carpet protection film with clear composition and self-adhering properties are ideal for all type of carpeting. These non-slip and tear resistant films are the best way to minimize clean-ups and wear and tear to your carpeting.

Carpet protection film by Divya Extrusion
Glass protection film by Divya Extrusion

Glass Protection Film

Our glass protection films are designed to fortify glass applications by acting as an invisible coat of armor. The highly resistant glass protection films manufactured by DivyaExtrusion safeguard homes and offices from break-ins and natural calamities. We provide you with protective films that absolutely maintenance free, scratch resistant and invisible to the naked eye.

Floor Protection Film

The special line of protective films for floors offered by DivyaExtrusion are designed to safeguard hard wood surfaces, marble and vinyl floors, walls and bathroom surfaces from everyday wear and tear. Made from highly resistant materials, these films are nearly invisible, easy to install and remove, and compatible with standard cleaning agents.

Floor protection film by Divya Extrusion
Furniture protection film by Divya Extrusion

Furniture Protection Film

We have compiled years of experience and expertise to create high-end protective films for your furniture. Our furniture protection films are designed to offer optimum protection against nicks, scratches, abrasions and dust. These can be applied to different types of furniture, ranging from delicate finished wood to sturdy outdoor furniture.

Screen Guard Protection Film

Our special range of screen guard protection films are meant to add a protective layer to various delicate gadgets that are an integral part of today’s lifestyle. From mobile phones to tablets, laptop screens and even television screens, our unique protection film safeguards your gadget screens from scratches, breakages, and cracks in event of a fall or forceful collision.

Screen guard protection film by Divya Extrusion

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